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Difference between PPC & Adwords

AdWords is a paid advertising product or services from Google to get your website generate more traffic by paying to get people notice the business – whenever they are searching Google. You have to pay whenever someone makes clicks on the ads of your website. It is known as Cost-Per-Click or CPC.


Pay per Click or most commonly known as PPC is advertising where you pay for the traffic through PPC advertising programs that are provide by Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and other modes. PPC campaigns are running for specific keywords or targeted web pages in which advertisers pay publishers as soon as the ad is clicked.


AdWords is probably the most popular form, when it comes to PPC advertising. However, it is not only the one as various service providers are offering same kind of services like Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook and more.


One of the main benefits of Adwords is that it is owned by Google that is now the biggest search engine platform by the same name “Google”. It provides Adword clients more benefits of advertising in Google Search and providing them with ads that are targeted to specific location, needs and specific people. It is common way to use more than a few advertising services to have a better and remarkable online presence.


PPC is also the most successful method of marketing and advertising that truly focus on ROI. PPC is for all websites. More often than not, PPC ads cost nothing to display, when one (a visitor or viewer) clicks on the ad, only then is an advertiser is charged for the ad; this is what called as Pay-per-Click.

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